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Get all the information about INERCO Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consultoría, S.A. (INERCO), a company operating mainly in the PetrochemicalsOil & Gas and Electric Power sector. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. The company has operations in Spain, which include Offshore WindUpstreamLNGLocationFuel oilsTankersEngineering Contractor CompanyMexican MixFossil fuelsCoalbed methaneWTILiquefactionProduction FacilitiesRun of the riverWater levelsType of extractionDownstreamTidal/Wave energyNatural GasBiofuelsRegasificationOffshoreNuclearGas pipelinesMidstreamSolarRefineriesCoal GenerationGenerationHydro DamThermosolar CSPHydroNYMEX Light Sweet CrudeTight gasNatural Gas GenerationNatural Gas DistributionSubseaOil PipelinesPhotovoltaicBunker oil/Diesel oilWindOnshoreOnshore WindUnconventionalsThermoHeavy oilGeothermalCombined cycleType of hydrocarbonsMini HydroCrude oilOil & GasDeepwaterGas ProcessingDrilling rigsBiomassBrentShallow watersRenewableStorage TerminalsOther (Contractor Companies)Shale OilConventionalsShale gas Geological mapping / Surveys and Oil sands. Write to us at or call us at +56 (2) 29410300 to schedule a demonstration of our platform.
21,000+ projects in Latin America.
28,600+ global companies doing business in the region.
58,700+ key contacts related to companies and projects
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